Mountain Getaway

By Steven Goth

Nothing relieves the everyday stress of city living more than a quick escape to the Spring Mountains Range near Las Vegas, Nevada. While the highest elevation offers snow and skiing during the winter months, the lower elevation offers unique hiking adventures to match anyone’s skill.

Construction to pave a new bike path creates traffic delays for travelers in 2014.023

Expect to spend an extra twenty minutes or so of travel time if you plan a trip to Mount Charleston this year as a bike path is being built along Kyle Canyon Road from highway 95 to a new interpretive visitor center near The Mount Charleston Hotel.

Paradise awaits those who prefer an off-the-beaten-path approach to hiking.027

The desert sky fills the horizon with shades of blue.024

The alpine region of Kyle Canyon is home to many cabins, some of which are not much more than a few pieces of plywood nailed together and others are palatial estates built from stone. Mount Charleston’s real estate is desirable because of its cooler weather and close proximity to Las Vegas. Summer temperatures in the city can reach 120 degrees.

This cabin has an artistic and whimsical appearance, but it needs good landscapers!022Casino moguls and celebrities find solace in Kyle Canyon.029

Joshua trees enjoy the view from their high desert location.

2013 was a bad year for the mountain as a lightning strike set off a wild-fire that almost devastated the entire range. Thick smoked covered the Las Vegas horizon for days as fire fighters worked tirelessly to save the forest and protect the small mountain communities that call Mt. Charleston home. Fortunately, most of the homes were saved, but the entire west side of the range was reduced to ash.

Scorched land struggles to heal itself from the devastating 2013 mountain fire.028

This photograph shows the hellish assault made against the mountain in July 2013.011


Mountain Getaway — 4 Comments

    • The new bike path amazes me because I am in awe of those who are strong enough to pedal 17+ miles up the mountain! I’m happy to see you in Allynsville, Kristine.

  1. Nice pics, Steve. I didn’t know Joshua trees were in the desert. I thought they were back when the Bible was written…….I know….Pathetic aren’t I? *LOL*

    • They are really strange looking trees, but then again, most living things in the desert are strange. Guess that explains the Bible connection.

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