Kitten Invasion

Posted by a concerned citizen

Imagine my surprise at finding a cat giving birth behind our washing machine at 7:30 in the morning. It was the last thing I expected, but as the universe often does, it lead this animal to our house where she could escape the frigid temperature outdoors. Had the cat not managed to sneak into our garage when she did, the kittens may not have survived through the night.

We did the best we could by providing her with food, water and a soft bed after the birthing. Three kittens survived and two were still-born. By that afternoon we had gathered up the new family and gave them to our neighborhood animal clinic where they were cared for and eventually adopted out. Thank goodness for this veterinarian because his policy is to never turn away a stray animal.

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Now to rant… I find the owner of this cat to be selfish and completely irresponsible. I believe strongly in having your pet spayed or nurtured and feel that no animal, cat or dog, should ever be allowed to roam freely around its neighborhood. If you own a pet TAKE CARE OF IT YOURSELF! It is not the responsibility of your neighbors to pet sit your escaped animal! I have owned several domestic pets and NOT ONCE have any of them escaped. There is no excuse to justify a runaway animal, build a fence, screen your doors and windows, do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your animal and NEVER allow them outside unsupervised. If you cannot follow the simple rules of pet ownership…..don’t own one!

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